Iran Raises an Ungodly Specter

When America’s enemies look at a map of the United States, they cannot but see through the inverse funnel that is Mexico.  With each passing mile northward from the narrowest point of its border with Guatemala, most of the Mexican funnel bends towards Texas.  The opportunity from the south to penetrate the land to the north opens up like the horizon itself. To friendlier eyes, the same terrain forms a natural market of trade separated only by artificial barriers.  It is as if the two countries should be one.

But it is easy to see why the Germans in World War I wanted to open up a front with Mexico against the United States and why the 1968 student protests in Mexico City that were thought to be Soviet-inspired were put down with murderous impunity.  Mexico, like America’s HispanicLatino population, is an evident strategic-geopolitical asset.

And now in The New York Times yesterday comes Israel’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe Ya’alon warning about the new threat that Mexico via Texas could pose to the United States from a nuclear-armed Iran.  Building upon its funding of a new television network in Latin America to counter American influence in the hemisphere, Iran is said to be contemplating cultivating the lords of the drug netherworld.  To think the drug lords would cooperate with the Iranians to bring in a device or something as threatening is almost not believable. Continue reading