Religion: Critical but Dangerous to HispanicLatinos (Just Ask the Nuns)

Followers of this blog know it focuses on the need to build a new intellectual framework for the development of a new HispanicLatino identity that is critical to the country’s future.  A HispanicLatino community – fortified with a new sense of self – might be able to accelerate its current economic, social and political standing to help the country remain fiscally and demographically viable.  How a new HispanicLatino identity forms that incorporates their new nation-saving mission depends on HispanicLatinos themselves.  But in undertaking a reformulation of their personal selves that can lead to new self-development and self-determination, HispanicLatinos must be on guard to not fall prey to religions – especially hierarchical ones – that threaten the creative potential of the individual.  Dogma wrecks self-expression and stunts personal growth.  Corroding the status of the individual is but a small step from jeopardizing the democratic concepts of self-government.

The Vatican made the danger of institutionalized religion come alive startlingly last week when it landed on the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, an organization that represents the vast majority of Catholic nuns, who in the modern age have evolved – unlike the current set of bishops and so many priests.

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