Surely Al Sharpton or Sheldon Cooper Can Help

The scripted HispanicLatino stood up to ask his question at the Republican presidential debate in Nevada last week.  The incisive power of the question sucked the air out of the room.  Viewers were left reeling.  “What is your message to the Hispanic community?” was Robert Zavala’s riveting question.

Not: Hey, guys, who has caused the nation more harm in the past 10 years:  Bankers and Wall Street investment companies or immigrants in the country illegally?

Not:  Riddle me this:  You say you want to create jobs.  Why do corporations and banks with more than $2 trillion and perhaps $3 trillion in assets not invest in economic development in the HispanicLatino community – or any community?

Not:  Say, I do not know if you have noticed but Mexico right next door each day edges closer to be taken over by narco-traffickers.  You got anything to say about that?  And I have a follow-up question:  If the United States did not have a massive drug-consumption problem would Mexico have a massive drug-cartel problem?

Not:  I’m curious.  What is going to happen in Cuba when Fidel Castro dies?  A massive migration northward?  And is there anything to fear from Hugo Chávez in Venezuela?

Not:  Ah, don’t you get that your trash-talking on immigration makes HispanicLatinos who might vote for you uneasy and is making many more of them angry?

Not:  Excuse me, but:  No one is taking the jobs that HispanicLatino laborers are abandoning in Alabama in wake of that state’s anti-immigration law.  Aren’t we losing jobs and hurting the economy when tomato crops rot in the fields?  Would you as President allow states to override federal law at will?

Not:  You know, insured children are an economic development tool and preventive health care keeps kids out of expensive emergency rooms:  Aside from beating each other up about who had the most uninsured kids in their state when some of you were governor, what do plan to do about it as President?

Not:  With the country nearly bankrupt, how are we going to convince HispanicLatinos – like John F. Kennedy asked the country in 1961 – that they are being called upon to do more for the country than the country can do for them?

Not:  I know you guys are really smart, but HispanicLatinos are, too.  They make up more than 15 percent of the population but only about 6 percent of doctors.  Don’t you think this is something that we should be concerned about as the Anglo population ages?  And wouldn’t some form of affirmative, strategic action help?

I do not know Mr. Zavala but I have a question for him:  What planet do you live on?  Perhaps the geeks on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory can help.  Koothrappali, who cannot speak to girls, whispers into Wolowitz’ ear to ask questions.

At least Koothrappali knows what to ask.

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