Barbarains at the Gate

President Obama in one speech displayed why only the angriest of furies that could be goaded into action by a Newt Gingrich can defeat him.  As important as the State of the Union speech last night was, so was the announcement by News Corporation – read that Fox – that it is creating a Spanish-language network to begin telecasting this coming fall.  It was only a matter of time before Fox plunged into the continuously expanding HispanicLatino market.  Continue reading

After Herman Cain are Willie Horton and Pete Wilson Next?

Hmmm, so this is what the election year is going to look like.  It begins with the sensational accusations of sexual assault against Herman Cain and an equally astounding press conference by the candidate himself that pushes the limits of what is now fair game.  Should we dare visualize how it might end?  It almost should not matter, now that we get a glimpse of what could be a spectacularly sorry election year – except that it might get worse for HispanicLatinos, especially those unprepared or who live in a state of denial.

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And That’s the Way It Is

I tried to call the fellows at the website in northern Virginia earlier this week.  No, not about Herman Cain.  I wanted to make sure that its Friday tip sheet for the Sunday morning news programs includes Fareed Zakaria’s GPS.  The tip sheet gives a heads-up on whom the producers of the main networks have invited as guests, and Zakaria’s Global Public Square by far overshadows anything on the other networks.

This is no small matter, especially for HispanicLatinos who are a globalized population in a globalized world. Continue reading