To Frack or not to Frack

President Obama in the debate on Tuesday made a passing reference to the role that natural gas can play in the nation’s economic future.  The need in a probable second term to accelerate the development of the country’s immense natural gas resources to power a new century of American power and prosperity is achingly evident.  It is incumbent on the Administration to press forward.  During the British Petroleum oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, there did not seem to be anyone in the inner circles of the Administration with an oil and gas background to provide timely and effective counsel in the worst of happenstances.  And it showed.  So there is reason now to make sure that what could be the best is not mishandled.  The country, after all, stands at the threshold of an astonishing economic renaissance.  An effort on the scale of John Kennedy summoning the nation to win the race to the moon against the Soviets will be necessary, for the mission has many environmental and other hurdles to surmount.

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